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What's that - Bake Offs?! Don't talk about...The Great British Bake Offs!

Well, well, well.... It has simply been far too long since I've dusted off this little corner of the internet. 4.5 years, to be exact. During that time, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. Between the many hours spent sipping half-priced whiskeys at the Twisted Spoke (hi Tim!), slinging cheese & butter at the farmer's market (hi Joey!), and the relocation to the beautifully bike-friendly Twin Cities, I've also gained a new obsession: The Great British Bake Off (aka The Great British Baking Show on PBS). This show has vaulted to the top of the must-see TV viewing list for myself as well as some of my favorite people.

The bakers on the GBBS are extremely talented and very inspiring. So much so that I have thrown myself headlong into a GBBS-inspired training regimen in order to further develop and inspire my own baking. Happily, this also helps to justify the continued additions to the custom-built cookbook shelves that were installed around the New Year.

My goal h…

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