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Week 52: Christmas bakes and New Year's wrap-up

For Christmas day, we were once again invited over to Pemberley for dinner and festivities with some good friends and their family. Of course I needed to put together an appropriately festive bake to bring along with me, sub-zero temperatures or not. After making some inquiries, I was informed that the bûche de Noël would most certainly be well received.

I decided to make a tiramisu bûche de Noël recipe that I'd had success with in the past. I really love this recipe because of the flavors, but it's also quite fun to work with the chocolate ganache in order to really create a bark-like appearance. Since I had the day off, and to really make this into a showstopper, I also decided to try my hand at meringue mushrooms for adornment. It was a good thing that I did because the meringue mushrooms were quite the hit. We ran out at the party!

Next up was the final Holiday View n' Bake (no viewing) held on New Year's day. This was originally scheduled for the Friday before Ch…

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